This program gives you the unique opportunity to seek guidance, advice, and an opportunity to talk with a mom who has been where you are.

Support From Trained Mentors

When you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, the thing you will need the most is support. Our trained mentors have been in your position and know what you are going through. Their mission is to at least provide you with someone to lean on and look to during this time in your life. They want to provide you with the companionship and assurance that you will need to successfully navigate your new journey.

First-Hand Guidance

Our trained mentors are here to talk with you about all aspects of your journey including, pregnancy, parenting, relationships, finances, and more. They know what you’re going through first hand and want to share their knowledge and experiences with you in a way that caters to your specific needs.

Since an unplanned pregnancy can be full of unknowns, it can be overwhelming. Mom-to-Mom mentoring is designed to reduce the unknowns by giving you someone to answer all your questions and make the process a little less daunting.

Earn While You Learn

Our Mom-to-mom mentoring program is a part of our Earn While You Learn program at Richland Pregnancy Center. By meeting with our trained mentors you will earn “Baby Bucks” that can be used to purchase supplies such as diapers, maternity clothes, and formula. 

In addition to the mom-to-mom mentoring, we also provide parenting classes to women and men who want to increase their knowledge and build their skills. These classes help you grow as a parent and help you set up a better life for your child. Contact us to learn more. 

You are not alone