Is there a cost for your services?

No. All of our services at Richland Pregnancy Center are provided free of charge.

What are your hours?

The hours at our center are Monday 10 – 4, Tuesday 12- 6, Wednesday 10 – 4, Thursday 12- 6, Friday 10 – 4 (Fridays open 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month), Saturday 10 – 1 (Saturdays open 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month).

Do I need to make an appointment?

Walk-ins may be possible. If there is an available appointment, we will work you in. However, to minimize your wait, you may contact us to schedule a set time for your appointment to ensure that you receive our help in a timely manner.

Will you tell anyone about my visit to your center?

All of our services are confidential. This means we won’t tell anyone (parents, friends, etc.) that you visited us. We will also not share information about the services you received unless we first obtain your written permission. Additionally, we won’t contact you without your permission. The only exceptions are when required by law. We are here to help you.

We will not share information about your services at our center unless we have your written permission to do so.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy include:

• A missed or abnormal period
• Feeling nauseous in the morning or any time of day
• Increased appetite or food cravings
• Breast tenderness
• Increased tiredness
• Unusually frequent urination

If you notice any of these symptoms and have recently had unprotected sex, it might be a sign that you are pregnant. We recommend that you contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Why do I need to have missed a period?

Pregnancy tests check for a hormone called hCG that is produced by the embryo during pregnancy. Your body might not produce detectable levels of hCG until your pregnancy has had some time to develop. This is why you should wait until you have missed your period to take the test. If you have missed a period, you can receive the free medical grade pregnancy testing we offer in our center. For more information about pregnancy options including abortion, adoption, and parenting, please call 419-522-8862.

Will you provide proof of pregnancy?

For clients who have received a positive free pregnancy test at our office, Richland Pregnancy Center can provide a Verification of a Positive Pregnancy Test (including estimated due date) to apply for a medical card through Job and Family Services, along with a WIC referral. We also provide referral information for other community agencies as well as for local physicians.

I’m pregnant and I’m not sure what to do next.

That’s okay. Many women who face unexpected pregnancies are not sure what to do. We provide support no matter what your situation is. We will connect you with a client advocate who will fit our services with your needs, providing information, education, referrals, and supplies. We can also provide you information on your pregnancy options including, abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Do you provide ultrasounds?

Yes, we do. Clients who have received a positive pregnancy test result at Richland Pregnancy Center may be eligible for a limited ultrasound performed by trained medical personnel.

I have already had an abortion. Does the center offer any services for me?

You are not alone. Our center offers confidential, compassionate support designed to help women and men begin a healing process from a past abortion in their lives. These one-on-one sessions are offered free of charge. Please contact us to schedule your appointment. All calls and appointments are confidential.

You are not alone