The ultrasound scans we offer at Richland Pregnancy Center are provided free of charge for those who meet our medical criteria. Trained, compassionate nurses perform all ultrasounds, which are read by a licensed physician.

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are examinations that involve using a device to detect the developing fetus and create an image on a monitor. Ultrasounds can verify a pregnancy after a positive pregnancy test.

The main purpose of an ultrasound is to determine the viability of your pregnancy by confirming it is in your uterus. We also look for the presence of a heartbeat and determine how many weeks pregnant you are. We do not use the ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby.

Reminder: You must have a positive pregnancy test from Richland Pregnancy Center before scheduling your ultrasound. Getting a lab quality pregnancy test and a limited obstetric ultrasound are the first steps you can take in making informed choices for your health. Additionally, an ultrasound is the best way to verify your pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy happens when the embryo or fetus has begun developing outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes. Since a fetus cannot properly develop in the fallopian tubes, an ectopic pregnancy causes serious health risks to the mother. If we detect an ectopic pregnancy during your ultrasound, we will recommend that you receive immediate medical assistance.

After the Ultrasound

After you have confirmed that the pregnancy is viable, your next step is to consider all your pregnancy options. Our knowledgeable staff will tell you more about each option, answering all your questions along the way. Regardless of which option you are considering, we will be here to help you in any way that we can. Reach out to us today and schedule an appointment.

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