Single Young Father?

Get Support. Be empowered. Create a new legacy. Meet other dads in a judgment-free community of men who want to help you reach your goals. The manliest thing you can do is fight to be the father you always wanted or hoped to be … but you don’t have to fight alone.

Embrace Legacy is a support group for young fathers who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.
This program empowers you, as a father, to walk in purpose, freedom, and ultimately write a story with you life that creates a legacy worth leaving.

Embrace Legacy will help you to step into one of the greatest gifts you could ever imagine… becoming a dad.
The Embrace Legacy curriculum includes teachings presented and written by author and speaker, Chris Capehart as well as many young dads that have been impacted by unplanned pregnancies but chose to step into the role of being a good father for their children.

Contact Richland Pregnancy Services for information about joining Embrace Legacy and changing your story. (419) 522-8863 or 


You are not alone